Friday, 27 July 2012

getting married and facebook

Leaving HK tonight to fly away to get married.
I may update my facebook and my blog accordingly :)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

typhoon vicente

Typhoon Vicente was the name of the storm that hit us the other night. It battered Hong Kong with gale-force winds (of more than 140 km/h) and torrential rain.
It was cool to watch it come it at first, but just before midnight I had had enough and thought- this is actually quite scary....

The Authorities hoisted the No. 10 tropical cyclone signal (the highest level ) for several hours overnight, making this one of the strongest typhoons to hit the city in the past decade.

But our house is still standing and windows intact. Tree trunks are lying around all over the place around the house though, but in a few days time I am sure that will be cleared away and the storm will be forgotten since the rat-race continues as per normal... 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

time flies

The saying goes: time flies when you have fun.
I say time flies when you are busy beyond belief...

I have had too much on my plate lately....
Work is manic. Even more so than usual, we have overtaken a company so my responsibilities have all of a sudden doubled... Offices in two locations, more staff, new business and a whole lot of paper work that needs to be done. (A enjoyable problem in a way, because it is really nice to be doing as well as we do. And to be as challenged as we are and to show everyone that DLHK rocks. But it is hard work… and my life is consumed by work most of the time…)

Any spare time has been spent doing wedding admin, but we’re almost done now, thank god.

On top of this we are currently in a storm. We have had a typhoon in full force for over 12 hours now… sitting here hiding from the extremely heave rain and winds and am happy that I have a house that still stands…

I am sooooo looking forward to stepping on that plane on Friday and say bye to all the obligations for a while. I need a break.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

this is how i feel today

·          "We sacrifice our health in order to make money, then sacrifice our money to recuperate our health. We become so anxious about the future that we cant enjoy the present and live as if we are never going to die, but die having never really lived"

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

surprise hens party

I was kidnapped and blindfolded!
And then became a pirate for a day - named Captain Black Beard.

Almost sounds like a dream right?

But this is what happened to me last Saturday.

The girls took me by surprise and threw me an amazing hens party. 
Probably the best hens party a girl could have ever asked for!
It was an absolute brilliant day.

On the Sunday I was feeling pretty broken, but couldn't stop smiling…. 
The girls made me feel so special, so cared for and so loved.

The day was full of dares, laughs, naked jet-skiing, booty, games, and a great effort was put into learning a Swedish drinking song.
They had made amazing decorations and the thought behind everything was just so touching, And so was the movie!!!, the cake!!! and the shots of death – which more or less killed me :)

Thank you a million girls!!

Question - Can we do it again?


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

one month

Yesterday it was exactly one month until the big day!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

t8 on a friday night

On Friday evening last week everybody in Hong Kong was rushing to their homes to find shelter from the approaching tropical storm Doksuri.

I left work at 9 pm and got on the 9.30 ferry. And that was good since at around 11 pm the Hong Kong observatory hoisted a T8 signal.  Most of public transport is cancelled once the T8 signal is on and the city closes down.  So there would have been no way for me to get home.
And home is considered the safest place to be. Since it was my first tropical storm/typhoon experience on Lamma it was a bit special. When you live in the city of HK, nothing really happens, except for all the rain, but on Lamma the wind really blows....

Fortunately, it never got too bad, but Ant and I tucked as many things away as we could though on our rooftop, closed all doors and windows and Teddy sure didn't want to go out for a pee....

The Doksuri did not reach the “direct hit” status though, when the eye of the storm is directly over Hong Kong. There has not been a direct hit for a number of years, however when this happens, the damage is usually devastating, and a number of people are usually killed.